2010 - First unit of VCS is set up in July , when Antonio (Lacerater ex singer), Cisco (Icon Of  Hyemes, Rain, 2 Minuta Dreka ex guitarist) and Patrik (Burst ex drummer, now in Anatomi71) meet for the first time. A couple of beers later, the vibe is there. What they have in mind is exactly the same: “Let’s meet in September to play some very fast stuff! In September they run their first test in a rehearsal room, they immediately get on well together, and they come out of the room with their first piece! Andrea (Discordance ex bassist) comes to complete the line up at the end of November.


[2010] – One of the first rehearsals…

2011 - The year starts with some hard work to mould new pieces in order to widen the setlist and to be able to play live. In the mean time, we gave a look around to get to record and publish the first release! Unfortunately Patrik had to leave the band to return to Sweden leaving to the band the memory of an unforgettable experience lived togheter! Before he left Italy, 7 songs and one cover were recorded.


[2011] – Andrea, Cisco & Patrik @ Goodbye Party… Almost a band photo!!!

2012 – David Lucido (Haemophagus) has joined the band behind the drums, meanwhile, a deal to press our first release was found with ZAS Autoproduzioni. We would like to thank our great friend Patrik Hultin for contributing with his necksnapping drumming to the birth of the band and the realization of the recordings! Thank you very much!

2013 - In March our first release comes out: a split 7” with mince-core legends Agathocles, produced by ZAS Autoproduzioni (ITA), Hecatombe Records (E), Grindfather Prod. (UK) and Epileptic Media (AT).


[2013] – split w/ Agathocles

2014/2015 - On this period, due to line-up problems, band’s activity has been slower. Cisco The Hell Spawn (guitars) and Andrea (bass) are witing new songs and looking for a drummer and a singer to get back on stage and record new stuff.